A Final Year Travel

Me proceeding 3rd of  diplomo. To enhance splendid happiness, friends including planned to go outing. we confined to go periyakulam, native of my friend  Sanjeev kumar. we started here from aarapalyam. we visited Sothuparai Dam and had a marvelous bathing there. we enjoyed the place moreover. There are many groves whereas sanjeev kumar’s family ownership’s a Mango Grove. we ate that sweet mangoes by snatching from the mango trees lively. Then we went to sanjeev kumar’s house, there his family welcomed us with a great Responses and snacks 😛 .  Following, we started to return back to madurai without heart. Anyway we reached madurai in safe arrive 🙂

A special thanks to Sanjeev kumar, who Take care of us, fed us with food and makes Happiness with a place ❤

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Believes in second Tour

~ Hari


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