Lovely kerela … <3

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Hiii….Hw r u wordpress?? Ok !! Last week i went to kerala..It’s very nice and superb place to visit and enjoy.. Our family and my aunty’s family went there for vacation. On saturday night my family went to salem. whole saturday enjoyed in salem.. Then on saturday night at 1.00 oh sorry on sunday morning at 1.00 am tavera car started to kerala carrying mine and aunty’s family.

First we went to Maasani amman temple . And then next we went to vaalpaarai..But i Exited of seeing 40 hairpin bends there .. But anyway I reached vaalpaarai without vomiting..Vaalpaarai has none places to visit but can enjoy the climate…After vaalpaarai we went to athirapally falls . Itz amazing.. exited to see that falls … We tired ..

My brother is living in cochin,kerala. so there we went for our accommodation. His home was nice and cool. It consist five beautiful rooms. we slept there well..Thanxx to him.

The next day..At dawn I think at 9.00 we went to alleppy..But before we had lunch in Gokul hotel nearby. At alleppy I exited to see house bots . Its amazing. We selected one house bot for a cost and spent time upto dusk 5.00 p.m. For lunch the chefs prepared inside the housebot kitchen…oooo In our house bot the spaces occupies for a veranda, bedroom, kitchen, toilet and then upstairs  for spacey… we spent there with the breathe of nature… ok After 5.00p.m we returned to the brothers house … Freshed up.. Now evening.. So we planned to go Oberan mall.My sister in law is also joined with us … As usual the mall had dress shops,  Chapels and costumes shop.. we went to the eating portion and had a well dinner…Then had a good sleep..

The next day we packaged to Madurai at 7.00am..The car came in the way munnar.On the way of munnar we went to flower park… Munnar is very very very superb place.. I enjoyed with a mist … I feeled the coolness with a melody song :D. . Then we reached home at 11.00pm.

I miss kerela…. <3<3 ..


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