My life starts now……….

Hi. My life is started after i admissioned in Tamilnadu polytechnic college. From my child hood days to 10th standard i lived a dis-liked life…I thought that study is life. I don’t know about the enjoyment . when I am entered the college life I am entered the happy life. I got new friends. I came to know that study is a small part of the life … I got new friends named Srinivassan , Shankar , Ravi kumar and more..

In first semester itself We started to bunk the classes , went to some places like thiruparakundram , azhagar temple , and enjoyed like a free bird .. So in first semester I got 78 (low) percentage.. But I didn’t felt shame….because I kept study as little part in my life. Then in second semester also enjoyed the same as first semester..Now the II nd  sem holidays is going on…I love to pass the whole college life with enjoyment……


One thought on “My life starts now……….

  1. Rajiv M says:

    Bunk classes in first sem itself aaa ?? great . . .

    enjoy the college life as much as u can ..

    mine is gonna over in just one month . . Im missing lot

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