Unforgettable Roaming’s on Madurai

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Hi…Yesterday (31.03.2012) me , Rajiv brother and srinivassan went to roam Madurai to spent time with an entertainment … so first we planned to go vishal de mall,a newly opened mall in Madurai .. There we spent 2 hours time with an enjoyment  and we snapped more photos there …And then we went to thirumalai nayakar Palace .. There we saw the big pillars with an excitement and saw earlier letterings of Tamil and the things used by the king and more things. Lastly we went to famous Meenakshi temple … But watz the main thing is we didn’t saw the lord 😀 …. We just went inside and saw lord Ganesha and came outside …Then we returned to their places .. Me came to my home ….


2 thoughts on “Unforgettable Roaming’s on Madurai

  1. Rajiv M says:

    Great bhabu . . . Feeling Very Happy to see your blog

    I welcome you to word-press with bunch of blossoms . . .

    Keep blogging . . .
    All the best

    ~ Your’s brother
    Rajiv Chellam

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