About me

Hi. I am Harikrishnan. I am doing my diploma in mechanical engineering. I love to be with friends more…and i will be joyal and fun to be around. Then i wont let my friend to be repentance who believe me . I am first shy to talk but if i learnt them i wont stop speaking with them  . And now word press is also my friend so that i can share my feelings to it. Then i will subject to my studies..I hate to study..but i love to study practically. And i like photography and photo editing than mechanical engineering. so I made photography as my Passion.


                                                          Name : P.R.Hari krishnan      


Major : Mechanical3240665887_ee7a4fc0d3_o

   Passion : PhotographingMan-Made_camera_314342

Likes : writing about the day , being with friends , sometimes Facebook.fb

Hobby : Piano Playing.Piano-Keyboard-Picture

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